Our Mission and Vision

At Smiline Dental Hospital in Hyderabad, our mission is to deliver the highest quality care along with exceptional hospitality while keeping you relaxed and comfortable. We are committed to providing the best for you - whether it’s the perfect smile or reconstructing your entire mouth, or helping you achieve total wellness. Our workforce consists of the most successful and esteemed dentists.

They have highly experienced in delivering the best for our patients. Our team strived in being principled and focused on helping you to reach your goals in dental services, whatever they are. Visits to Smiline are experiences you can look forward to – where you rest assured knowing you are in the care of our experienced team using up to the dated technology. Our path is the optimal way to treat our patients as evidenced by wonderful testimonials online and offline.


Excellent caring and very polite staff. i really most comfortable white giving treatment to me.

- Narresh Teja and Arthi Kapse

Nice and polite staff . Sunitha Madam reassure the patient. Recommended.

- Sreeni Vunnam

I got root canal treatment at Smiline dental hospitals, they are providing very good service, hospital’s ambience is very good, and the management and staff really excel at what they do.

- Rajesh B

My experience with them was excellent, professional and trustworthy. I would say that this is the best dental hospital in Hyderabad.

- Sridhar Rao

I recently visited this dental clinic and found an impeccable professional service and their care was comforting. I could trust in them.

- Sujanath

I recently got my braces done at Smiline and I am very happy and comfortable with the treatment. The wait is worth spending time and their infrastructure is very good.

- Shreya L

Eleven years ago, my broken tooth was replaced with a cosmetic laminate and the durability is remarkable. I really appreciate the treatment done by Dr. Sunitha.

- Sandeep Bommi

Last month I got a cosmetic treatment at Smiline dental hospitals, they have brought back my smile and I have earned freedom. I would honestly say that they provide the best dental services

- Praveen Nanda Kumar Surapally

I went there a few months back. Doctors here are very professional and thorough in their work. The place itself is very modern, clean and they have state-of-art equipment. I would recommend it to anyone who has dental issues

- Dipti Dabholkar

The services offered here are great and the best; I can say that Smiline is the best of the rest.

- Nagamani

"The follow up after my first scaling is excellent. The hospital keeps a good record of my data and calls me and keeps me updated. The treatment is awesome. All the dentists and support staff were very caring. They make the patient very comfortable in their premises. Treatments are painless.

- Chandra Devagiri

Thank you very much for the high quality dental care during the last two weeks when I was your patient.

- Mr.John

I picked Smiline dental clinic on friends & family recommendation.I got my wisdom tooth extraction done here .I am now free from pain .I recommend anyone with tooth problems to go to Smiline.

- Apoorva

After a strong recommendation from a friend who got her Implants done at Smiline dental hospital 5 years ago,i got mine fixed today.Reception and doctors are friendly.Hospital premises are very clean.

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