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top dental clinic in hyderabad
top dental clinic in hyderabad
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Best Dental Braces specialist in Hyderabad


Why Braces?

An appealing face is dependent upon harmonious coordination of its components. A desire to enhance the dental appearance motivates most patients to seek orthodontic treatment in a best dental clinic. Enhanced facial appearance has linked to improved social skills, greater desirability as friends, higher intellectual ability, and enhanced occupational prospects. It is well-known that severe malocclusion may make children targets for harassment, teasing and bullying, with obvious psychosocial implications. For right Braces, specialist contact smiline dental clinic in Hyderabad.

Is my age right to get the treatment?

There is no fixed age limit for the braces treatment. As long as your gums are healthy, you can have the procedure done even after 40yrs of age. Some problems of the child should be treated about 9-12 years while some need to be processed after the milk teeth fall off. Our Best dental clinic in Hyderabad will clarify all your doubts and gives the treatment.

How to take care of your braces?

Brush your teeth and braces three times a day and use mouthwash gargles to keep them clean every time you eat something. Don’t eat hard and sticky food items like biscuits, nuts, groundnut, five-star, éclairs, chewing gums, etc. Don’t use your front teeth to bite anything until the end of the treatment. Some amount of initial ulceration is healthy in some cases, For more precautions consult best Dental Hospital in Hyderabad.



Smiline Orthodontics is a crown speciality of Smiline Dental hospitals, which is arguably one of the biggest in country and also winner of 2016 FAMDENT Specialist dentist award.Orthodontics at Smiline is in practice since last 20 years ,during the course of which it has crossed many mile stones, and expanded from a one man orthodontic centre to eight member orthodontic team with four Orthodontists and four supporting staff. The team has about 28 years of combined experience.The team works with perfect coordination and reviews every patient so that each patient gets the best treatment plan .

The team is lead by Dr. N.B Ramakrishna

  • CMD of Smiline Dental Hospitals - Alumni of G.D.C Hyderabad (1992-1998)
  • In teaching for 18 years .
  • Professor and Head for PG programme at SVS Dental College ,Mahabubnagar, Hyderabad.
  • Heads Smiline Corp USA, manages multiple dental offices at USA.
  • Presented several scientific papers in IOS and IDA conferences.

Dr. Altaf Hussain

  • Graduated in 2012.
  • Attended various conferences and lectures
  • Is dedicated to the quality delivery and makes sure that patient goes out with complete satisfaction.
dental clinic team

Winner of the Famdent Specialist dentist of the year 2016

Dr Sena Devi

  • Graduated in 2014.
  • Attended various conferences and lectures
  • Takes care of patients at Smiline Hitech city .

Dr Kiranmayi

  • Graduated in 2015.
  • Attended various conferences and lectures.
  • Takes care of patients at our Punjagutta center.


Initial clinical examination is conducted for every patient by a general dentist with the help of an Intra oral Camera and X rays(Intra oral and extra oral ) and patient referred to an Orthodontist.

Smiline Orthodontist will go through overall standard protocol of the orthodontic case examination.

The protocol is

Clinical examination

Orthodontic Impressions

Orthodontic photographic analysis

Model analysis

CBCT in required cases

Case sheet preparation of all the findings, diagnosis, treatment plan along with timeline

  • Team member presents the findings to the team along with the recommendations.
  • After a thorough discussion the treatment plan will be finalized according keeping in mind the patient requirement .
  • The outcome is based on all team members experience and also with the help of a thorough review of literature in our Journals.
  • The Patient will be explained about all the aspects of orthodontic treatment.
  • Team visualizes the complete movement required, plan the biomechanics and the wire changes, time required for each step.
  • The whole findings are documented and patient will be communicated.

This process will facilitate the Smiline orthodontist,

a) Good clarity on the way forward

b) To stick to the timeline.

c) To avoid unnecessary movements.

d) To use chair side time effectively by proactive planning.

This process will facilitate the patient

a) To plan his time

b) To set the expectations clear

c) To get the confidence on the procedure and on the treatment offered by the Orthodontist.

d) To hold or cross check any deviation from treatment performed.

  • The team developed several protocols, documents processing, checks and balances to deliver the standardized delivery of service to the patient at every step.