Dental Specialties

At Smiline dental hospital treatments are offered encompassing all specialties of dentistry.We have mastered the art of delivering quality dental care by the collaborative team work of the best and the brightest specialist dentists .


If you are in need of saving your tooth with a root canal therapy, you should visit an endodontist.Endodontists are the specialists in saving teeth. Endodontists have undergone extensive specialized training in diagnosing tooth pain,root canal treatments.They mostly deal with treatments related to the interior (endo) of the tooth(odont) especially the dental pulp, root and surrounding tissues.

Pediatric dentist

Pediatric dentistry is a branch involving the treatment and prevention of dental disease among children.Pediatric dentist’s role is prevention and dental treatments for children and adolescents as well as providing oral hygiene education for their parents. A visit to a pediatric dentist is a must by the age of two. Problems caught early can be easily corrected.Pediatric dentist or pedodontist is also trained to establish a positive relationship with the dentist.They are thus adept at handling all children including those with special needs.


Orthodontist is specialised in diagnosing and correcting alignment problems in growing and adult teeth and jaws including treatment of crooked, overlapping,gaps and overcrowded teeth.Generally a general dentist or pediatric dentist refers a patient to an orthodontist if any jaw or teeth misalignments are noticed.Their work involves shifting the the teeth from an unfavourable position to a more favorable one.Orthodontists are also trained in the treatment of anatomical abnormalities of the face and the jaws. Correction of orthodontic problems are done by way of devices,braces,invisalign or retainers .


Periodontist is the one specialist who needs to see if you are facing gum problems like gum bleeding,advanced gum disease(periodontitis), tooth mobility etc. Gum disease if left untreated can end up in tooth loss..A periodontist specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the diseases and disorders affecting the soft tissue and bone supporting the teeth.They treat gum-related diseases, guided bone regeneration, and place dental implants as replacements of missing teeth.They are also involved in the maintenance of the health, function, and aesthetics of the oral soft tissues and the bones.


Specialises in the restoration and replacement of broken or lost teeth through procedures such as crowns, bridges, removable ,fixed dentures and dental implants. By creating tooth replacements they help patients in preserving a healthy oral status to achieve a functional, natural looking smile.A prosthodontist also carries out reconstruction work post oral cancer, repairs a dental or facial deformity such as missing teeth, congenital defect or traumatic injuries,jaw joint problems,snoring and sleep disorders.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

Oral Surgeons diagnose and treat diseases, injuries, and defects, including both functional and esthetic aspects of the teeth,mouth and the jaws.They are responsible for treatment of several types of dental problems like removal of problematic wisdom teeth,jaw realignment,cleft palate or congenital problems,handling of dental implants,reconstructive or plastic surgery after facial fractures or injuries and biopsy of the oral tissues.Oral surgeons are highly trained, skilled professionals most often a link between dentistry and medicine.

Oral pathologist

These specialists are trained to diagnose and manage mouth and jaw diseases using clinical, microscopic, radiographic, and other means.They help evaluate if diseases of the teeth, jaws, gum and oral cavity are dangerous like cancer or infectious, and offer appropriate treatment solutions.

Oral Medicine and Radiology Specialist

A specialist who deals with the diagnosis, and non-surgical treatment of disease and pain in patients with chronic and medically-related disorders of the mouth, teeth, jaws and face with the help of radiology.These dental specialists capture and interpret images of oral cavity made by radiant energy. The images are then used to diagnose and manage the associated mouth and jaw diseases.

Public health dentist

These dentists focus on the non clinical methods to help prevent and control dental diseases in a community.Community water fluoridation, dental health check ups are few initiatives taken up by public health dentists.Public health dentists focus on the dental health of larger population than individuals and spread dental health awareness among the public.They investigate the risk factors for oral disease, systemic to oral health connection and study the health outcomes of dental services.

Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentists or Smile designers have currently grown popular among people for a range of treatments which are designed to enhance the appearance of teeth, gums and or bite.They offer a range of cosmetic treatments which include,Teeth whitening,Cosmetic or white fillings,Veneers,Gum contouring, Composite bonding,Dental Implants,dental jewellery etc.They play a vital role in creating wedding smiles.

Next time you encounter an oral health problem, do not worry – there is a dental specialist that can take care of all of your needs at Smiline dental Hospital.

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