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At SMILINE DENTAL HOSPITAL, we offer patients not only in Hyderabad and surrounding areas, but also from across INDIA and abroad, access to specialist root canal treatment.

If you have been diagnosed and you require root canal treatment in SMILINE, you're not alone. Thousands of patients suffering from dental pain are treated each year with root canal or endodontic treatment. Remember, extraction or removal of the tooth is not always an option, with root canal treatment tooth pain, is relieved and the tooth is saved.

Let us try to understand a little more about Root canal treatment that how it relieves your dental pain and how your natural tooth is saved


Endodontics is the branch of dentistry which deals with the cause, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseased dental pulp and surrounding supporting structures, usually by removal of the nerve and other tissue of the pulp cavity and replacing it with suitable bioinert filling materials.

Depending on patient’s clinical conditions of the tooth, treatment can be Conventional RCT / Single visit RCT/ Laser assisted RCT.


    An Endodontist is a highly skilled dental professional who after graduating as a full-time dentist, undergo 3 years of rigorous training and evaluation, becomes a specialist in the field of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics. They are specialized in diagnosing the diseased or injured pulp, treating the tooth ache by performing root canal therapy/treatment.

    SMILINE Dental Hospital, has an extremely dedicated root canal specialists team that can handle a variety of root canal treatments with ease and comfort to the patients. Tooth with complex anatomy (Curved Roots), Accessory & Extra canals (left by the previous dentists), Failed Root Canal Treatment cases, Calcified Root Canals, Badly Traumatized Teeth etc. are also addressed by the experienced root canal specialists at SMILINE Dental Hospital.


    When the soft tissue (pulp) of your teeth or tooth is inflamed or diseased, Root Canal Treatment is advised.

    Commonest reasons being deep caries, cracks, cusp fracture, repetitive dental procedure and trauma. Trauma can not only cause inflammation and can also lead to tooth discoloration, and if not treated in time may lead to severe pain and also can form abscess or cyst.


Signs and symptoms which indicates Root Canal Treatment:

  • Sensitivity to heat & cold persisting for a long time.
  • Discoloration of the tooth.
  • Tenderness in the affected tooth during biting or consumption of hot and cold or hard food items.
  • Gum swelling in the area of the tooth.


The Root Canal Specialist removes the diseased or infected pulp of the affected teeth, meticulously shapes and cleans the root canal system and then fills the prepared space with a bioinert material and it usually takes 2- 3 sittings.

Many RCTs are now performed in one single appointment and the treatment time ranges from 45-90 minutes (depending on the number of canals and anatomy of the tooth).

After your RCT is done, you will be advised to return for a permanent restoration of the same tooth. The restoration of the tooth is important as it protects the root canal treated tooth from the oral fluids, it also prevents further damage from decay and restores its form & function.


  • Root canal treatment is the choice of treatment when the tooth is facing conditions like deep caries, dental decay associated with pain, cracks, fractures to retain the natural tooth in its position.
  • Patients at SMILINE are treated using the latest technology in Rotary Endodontics, it not only reduces clinical time but ensures best possible treatment. It is usually completed in 2-3 sittings depending upon the level of infection and complexity of the anatomy of the tooth. Time taken for the procedure is around 30-45 mins per sitting.
  • Treatment is performed strictly under local anesthesia to prevent any amount of pain during the procedure.
  • During the treatment several digital X-rays are taken to ensure the best treatment and records are maintained for every patient at SMILINE to ensure high quality and safer care to patients.


  • At SMILINE our expert team of endodontists perform single visit root canal treatment using advanced endodontic instruments & technology incorporating latest rotary equipment, digital radiography and lasers in a time period of 60-90 mins.
  • Ensuring high degree of clinical success is our main motto and for that patients are thoroughly examined and diagnosed by our team and accordingly if you are a candidate, you will be given an option for single visit root canal treatment.


  • In clinical scenario, patients with long persisting infections single visit Root Canal Treatment is not advised as the chances of infection to reoccur will be present.
  • Fractured teeth, teeth with minimal infection, intentional RCT, mutilated teeth with very minimal infection are ideal candidates.
  • All those cases where vitality of the pulp is restored can be treated with single visit RCT.
  • By reducing the number of visits for the patient single visit ensures highest quality patient care.


  • We at SMILINE are well versed in using latest technology in conjunction with conventional treatment. LASERS are one among the most promising modalities in field medicine and dentistry.
  • In SMILINE in cases of prolonged infection i.e. apical periodontitis, abscess, teeth with purulent discharge, HOT Pulp (Teeth Which Doesn’t Respond to Anesthesia) PDT or LASER assisted endodontic treatment is selected.
  • In cases of prolonged extensive infection even after copious irrigation and cleaning of canals we fail to eliminate some bacteria which reside in the micro-channels of the dentin. And sometimes they are located so deep that the conventional irrigant fails to reach the surface and disinfect the canals thoroughly.
  • In PDT with use of fiber optic and certain photosensitizers (Methylene Blue) DIODE LASER (BIOLASE) is passed into the canal this parallel beam of LASER activated the photosensitizer which creates reactive oxygen species and this help in eradicating those bacteria which conventional therapy fails to eliminate.


Teeth Are Badly Traumatized and Is Extraction the Only Option for Me?? Answer from SMILINE is “NO”.

  • Mostly the teeth which are badly traumatized due to injury or decay are indicated for extraction. But there are many patients who are willing to save this kind of teeth and we at SMILINE help in keeping your hopes alive.
  • With our dedicated team of endodontist, periodontists and prosthodontists several radiographs are taken to assess the clinical scenario, diagnose the present complaint and plan the treatment for the most effective outcome & accordingly patient is informed about the step wise management of the tooth.


  • Endodontic management of the tooth is done by doing root canal therapy at first followed by Post & Core buildup which helps in retaining the Crown.
  • Metal or a Fiber reinforced post are used for the retention of buildup material and Adhesive cements are the choice of material for the buildup procedure.
  • If any correction is required for the gums like crown lengthening will be done once the endodontic treatment is commenced.
  • After the proper evaluation of the tooth if the healing is satisfactory a Crown/Cap is placed to maintain the form and function of the treated tooth.

With the aided advantage of in-house CAD CAM laboratory in SMILINE prostheses are delivered in the shortest span possible i.e. either on the same day or after a maximum period of 3 days.

Also, to note that if the tooth or teeth are beyond the saving limit, they need to be extracted.

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