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Is a Missing or Defective Tooth Stealing Your SMILE?

Restore it with
Dental Implants!


A simple Dental Implant treatment is a proven, safe and effective solution to not only replacing an affected tooth and enabling normal functioning like the rest of your natural teeth, but also in restoring your CONFIDENCE and SMILE.


Dental implants are metal posts or frames that are infused surgically into the jawbone. A natural tooth has a root that is embedded in the bone and a crown that is visible in the oral cavity. A dental implant is the prototype of the natural tooth root.


Any one with a missing tooth or teeth due to decay, disease, injury, defects or ageing is a fit case for implants. Age is not a limitation, in fact the aged are most benefitted by dental implant treatment.


With implants, the look and feel of your natural teeth and smile are not lost. It helps to boost your confidence while improving your speech and your ability to bite. It’s almost a permanent solution to replacing a missing/defective tooth.


Smiline’s proficient team puts patients first! Smiline combines the latest technology, infrastructure and expertise to offer the best treatment and comfort under highest standards of sterilization and quality control.

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