Our SOP for Infection control

  • We strive to regularly educate and continue to implement strict infection control programs among our dental team members including occupational health programs.
  • Stock up and use all the necessary materials for strict adherence to our standard guidelines like hand hygiene products like hand sanitisers ,personal protective equipment like gloves etc.
  • Trained dentists in Sterilization and Infection control are assigned at both Smiline locations, Punjagutta and Hi tec city to oversee the infection control program and plug any gaps if necessary.
  • With our established experience of 25 + years in practice we actively developed and maintain a written manual of standard infection prevention policies and procedures.
  • Procedures for quick detection and management of potentially infectious persons are put in place to prevent spread of infection.
  • We follow all basic infection prevention procedures including safe practices of injections, sterilization of dental handpieces between patients, and monitoring of (e.g., conduct spore testing) autoclaves on regular basis. Our Sterilization practices are certified by an outside agency.
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Hand Hygeine and PPE:

Hand Hygeine and PPE: We practice best hand hygiene before performing routine and surgical treatments. For routine dental examinations and nonsurgical procedures, we use water and plain soap for hand washing or antimicrobial soap. Hand hygiene is always performed whenever hands are visibly soiled, after touching of dental instruments, equipment, dental materials, and other objects likely to be contaminated by blood, saliva, or respiratory secretions with bare hands, before and after treating each patient &before and after wearing gloves. Personal protective equipment include gloves, face masks, protective eye wear, face shields, and protective clothing. We use disposable materials wherever is applicable. A new set of disposable gloves, brand new syringes with needles are used for every patient. All disposable materials are discarded safely and responsibly once the procedures are completed. We actively seek ways to control cross infection.

Dental unit water quality: All dental units use systems that deliver good quality water through our inhouse RO systems for water treatment.

Procedure for infection control of patient care items and devices:

Instrument Sterilization Process involves several steps.

  • Soiled Instruments are collected and placed separately in the designated area.
  • The soiled instruments are then soaked in decontamination solution.
  • Manual Cleaning is done to remove debris and organic contaminants from the instruments prior to their disinfection or sterilization.
  • Subsequent cleaning with the Ultra Sonic Cleaners and disinfection solution takes place.
  • Drying
  • Packing
  • Autoclaving
  • Storage.


The Autoclave works by bathing the instruments over a period of time with steam at a very high temperature and pressure. Autoclaves are the most effective way of destroying the bacteria. All the instruments such as mouth mirrors, dental drills, metal hand instruments are autoclaved after every patient.

Chemical Disinfection of the treatment cabins

At Smiline dental hospital all the surfaces such as dental chairs, dental light, drawer handles, counter tops are meticulously cleaned and decontaminated with suitable chemicals after every procedure.


  • What is Sterilization ?
    A process that eliminates , destroys or deactivate all forms of life (micro organisms) present on a specific surface or object.
  • Do you change your gloves for every patient ?
    Yes, we use set a of new gloves for each patient as our procedures are likely to involve splash or spatter of Saliva or Blood.
  • Do you disinfect the surfaces between the patients ?
    Our team disinfects all the surfaces which are likely to be contact including dental chair, spittoon between the patients.

We are committed to keeping our patients and our entire team safe. We assure you that we have taken all possible measures to ensure dental treatments at our hospital are performed in a skillful, safe, comfortable and clean environment. At Smiline dental hospital we make infection prevention our priority and we are well equipped to observe standard practices as recommended by the CDC (center for disease control) guidelines for Infection Control in Dental clinics.

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