Intraoral Camera

Intraoral scanners are the new digital impressioning technology, which enables high-precision scans of the entire jaw in a matter of few minutes.Intraoral scans have brought in numerous possibilities for the dentists.It is useful for the Implant specialists to evaluate the simple impressions of edentulous arches or sites with implants,restorative dentist to facilitate same day restorations and orthodontists to highly rate the precise scan results for soft tissues like gums, frenulum etc.The three-dimensional image produced by the scanners is valuable for patient education, creating custom orthodontic treatment plans, as a part of keeping dental records, and to assist in crown preparation and Implant procedures.

Advantages of Intraoral scanners-

  • The 3D digital dental impression scanners save an incredible amount of time.They eliminate several time-consuming procedures to the dentist,like tray selection, pouring and setting of materials, disinfection, and sending the impressions to the laboratory.
  • Also time saving to the laboratory as they needn’t have to pour base and pin models, cut and trim dies, or articulate casts.
  • Can greatly enhance patient experience like comfort, treatment acceptance, and education on the chairside monitor.
  • Digital scans can facilitate storage of the impressions on computer hard drives while conventional models, which may chip or break, must be stored physically, which often take up a lot of space in the dental office.
  • The entire process of impression of the entire upper and lower jaws including model calculation and the virtual bite registration can take less than 3 minutes time, which is less than conventional impressions and bite registration.Thu chairside time is reduced to a great extent for the dentist and the patient too.
  • The final restorations are flawless as they are fabricated in the laboratory, based on models created from the data in the digital scans, as opposed to gypsum models made from physical impressions taken by the clinician.
  • Ability to scan deeper areas (up to 20 mm) helps obtain digital impressions even for subgingival or particularly deep preparations.
  • Digital scans even scanned from very shallow angles can capture all the dental surfaces immediately,with high resolution and sharpness even at great depths, thereby ensuring a highly detailed 3-D model.
  • They also are good in terms of hygienic safety. Thanks to their smooth surfaces and the acquisition center, the hygienically critical areas, which are often difficult to clean, can be reprocessed safely, quickly and easily.
  • By facilitating a digital workflow intraoral scanners can facilitate the sharing of patient records among team members for a holistic treatment plan.

At Smiline dental hospital we invest in the latest technology to bring the best possible dental care for our patients.The Intraoral scanners allow our patients to comprehend better about what we are talking and facilitates a higher level of trust and understanding.If you are interested in getting a same day Zirconia crown or transforming your smile or simply get an Implant for missing tooth,contact us or schedule an appointment at Smiline.

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